I am 43. Single, no kids.

I look good. D*hod 150k +, I alone enough to do everything, own apartment.
I was looking for a man in the first place, to brighten up my leisure time and spend time together interestingly, to travel.

But I'm tired of being disappointed.
Each time I am faced with the fact that in practice the presence of a man in this age brings more problems than joy.

Children and ex-wives are constantly present in my life. They steal weekends, the budget, and blot their eyes.

Even if a man is not poor, he already has a lot of obligations, alimony, mortgages, debts and to pay for a trip for two abroad is expensive for him.

Even though I can afford to travel myself, paying for myself in front of a man is very humiliating.

My last relationship ended for this very reason - he paid for the children's trips, but there was no money left for me, he offered to pay with me.

Often men are already passive in these years, there is no way to get them out, they want comfort, sex and household services. But at first they pretend to be lively, it takes a while to figure them out.

By the age of 40, they usually grow big cockroaches. It is hard to compromise, change habits, and put up with flaws. So I do not even consider a life together, but suitors and strive to live with me.

Their appearance at this age is not the most attractive - again, a compromise between desire and reality.

In general, relationships have become very morally demanding and require a lot of concessions. The cons outweigh the pros. But it is joyless and boring to be alone.

I would like to hear from women of the same age. Who was able to establish a personal life at this age, what they had to put up with, and whether it was worth it? Are there those who live happily?