Hi everyone, I always found humor in my girlfriends' stories about their park dates. However, it turns out, I was about to have a park story of my own - a tale of karma, perhaps.

The Setup

Our mutual friends introduced us, though we hadn't met in person. Then, out of the blue, he suggested a walk in the park. Mind you, it was -10 outside! My heart was aflutter with excitement about this new guy, so I agreed. Plus, it gave me an excuse to wear my new down jacket.

The Meeting

We met up, and my first impression was... well, interesting. He was bundled up in a hat and hood, ready to brave the frigid weather. I appreciated his preparedness, though it did make it a bit hard to see him properly.

The Walk

Our walk lasted just over an hour. We talked about everything and nothing, but I found it awkward trying to walk beside him and talk when I couldn't fully see his face.

The Conversation

We eventually got around to planning a second date. I suggested going to an exhibition - it was free, after all. But he declined, somewhat rudely. I couldn't help but wonder: was he trying to avoid spending money?

The Missed Opportunities

Throughout our walk, he didn't once offer to buy me a coffee, despite the bitter cold. When I finally saw the subway sign, I quickly said goodbye and left, feeling a mix of shock and disappointment.


Looking back, I was struck by the lack of effort. No flowers, I get it, they're expensive. But not even a coffee in a cold park? To me, that's a basic gesture of care and interest.

I can buy my own coffee, sure. But as I walked away, it felt like a missed opportunity for him to show some thoughtfulness.

The Aftermath

He mentioned he was looking for a "decent girl." It made me wonder: does he equate decency with not spending money? And now, he's asking for a second date. Another chilly walk in the park? He says he doesn't mind taking another stroll, but what should I do? Do I turn him down bluntly?


In a city where dates can range from extravagant to simple, this park walk was a lesson in expectations and gestures of care. While it might not have been the romantic story I hoped to share with my girlfriends, it was certainly an experience that I won't forget.