I don't know what to do. I have a husband, he has a best friend. I have my best friend. She is, you could say, a girl of easy virtue. She didn't want a family or a serious relationship, and my husband's friend always liked her.

I didn't tell my husband much about her private life, everything that was discussed was between us girls. And, apparently, my husband and his friend had the impression of her as a "good girl.

I had known for a long time that our friends were sleeping together, but I also knew that she had several other f*cking partners. I minded my own business. But then I find out that my friend is pregnant and is going to give birth, and since the only one who had feelings for her was my husband's friend, respectively, he was automatically signed up as a father.

They're getting ready to get married, and she doesn't really know exactly who the father is. And I don't want to pry, but he's already going to buy a big apartment after the wedding, sells his, went into debt for the celebration, working two jobs. I do not even know what to do: to tell him - to betray his girlfriend; do not say - betray a friend.

Okay, if it does not turn out that I knew everything, but if suddenly? On the other hand, she is an interesting person, I feel comfortable talking to her, and in fact her personal life does not concern me in any way. But it's like I feel like a b*tch. After all, it turns out that they will divide the apartment in half, if there is a divorce, and even if the reason will be in the DNA-test. And if the reason is different, you're screwed for alimony.

I'm leaning more towards telling my husband. I will live without a friend, with whom I am friends for 20 years, and I hope my husband will live without a friend, if suddenly his beloved will believe and the child will suddenly be his. The most important thing is not to make me look jealous, or else my husband will leave.

Help solve this problem? What to do? How to do the right thing