I borrowed money from a guy. We were in a long, serious relationship. Everything was going to get married. The guy was having a fitful difficulty.

He was shy at first, but later accepted my help, promising to pay it all back. For 2 years he didn't pay it back, sinking deeper and deeper into dejection. Moreover, when he had money, he didn't consider giving it back. For example, he was buying his mother a phone.

I didn't ask, it was embarrassing, I didn't want to seem mercenary. Our relationship was falling apart. We broke up. He never returned the money. A year and a half later, one day he asked for my card number and reminded me of the amount. But he never sent me anything. Somehow I wrote him that I needed money this month. He replied that if there was extra, he would pay me back.

I wouldn't say it was much. But at that time, I could buy some equipment or go on vacation. I was making a decent wage, I didn't need the money. But now I need that money. How can I get it back? What options are there?