I want to share my story with you. I think some of you who have had similar experiences can help me with advice)

I have been in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful guy for a year. He is well educated, successful in his profession, has money, connections and wealthy parents. I have never been in need of anything myself. As a child I went to different clubs. To this day, developing in different areas.

I'm a model. Men like me, before my boyfriend, I was in a relationship with a rich man.

My boyfriend and I broke up abruptly, he said he had met someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

I asked around about her, she was from a small town, a university graduate, a believer. I didn't find anything beautiful about her, not ugly, but not beautiful either. She was ordinary. I look at their wedding photos and cry.

Am I not worthy of happiness? Even his parents accepted her. And he proposed to her a month after he met her.

How do I get over it and not go crazy? What does he see in her? I love him very much.