Girls, hello everyone. I have such a situation... I accidentally found a proposal ring at home.

Of course, I looked in and saw the most beautiful ring. I was so happy. But then I saw the size on the tag, it was 17.00... and I had 17.5. So the ring is half a size smaller ((( and there was a jeweler's business card next to it. I take it to widen the ring.

I was so upset. I mean, he knew my size, so he bought half a size smaller. I know it won't even fit, barely.

And tomorrow we're going on vacation and I think it's gonna happen. But I can't get my head around it. I can't believe he's gonna put this ring on me, knowing it won't fit. I think it would look ridiculous. And then he'll have to justify why he got that ring and not the other one. When there's a million jewelry stores in town.

I don't know how long the ring's been there, but I think he's had time to go to the jeweller's and get it fixed, don't you? Why he didn't, I don't know. Yes, he works a lot and comes back at night, but man, I don't know....Yes, we live together and it's all harder to plan of course.

But I've been looking forward to this day 💍 and then it comes and the ring just won't fit . How do I respond,girls? Thank you all in advance.