I met a man on a dating website. He wasn't very charismatic in his correspondence, but I agreed to meet him anyway (we all know the stories of how communication didn't go well at first, but then it did).

He invited me to attend a concert on the beach (free of charge). I thought 'ok, at least I'll listen to the music'. Then he suggests "let's meet an hour before the concert, let's get acquainted". I was like "ok, where?". He throws a link to a map and says "meet me in front of this restaurant".

I'm a bit confused, usually men from the site don't invite to restaurants for a first date at least.

Decided to clarify "What does that mean? Do you want to go to a restaurant or is it just a meeting place?". He: "It's just a meeting place, but if you want, we can meet at the bus stop and walk to the beach together."

I pictured myself standing outside a restaurant, waiting for my date, and girls passing me by who are invited by men to restaurants to eat, not to stand around and I was offended and texted him to say that I had changed my mind about meeting him.

He asked "Why?". "Because of poor communication." He was like "Ok, I thought you were boring and change your first photo on the site, it's not good". I blocked him, but I deleted the photo just in case.

Tell me, would anyone want to meet outside a restaurant?