We dated for almost four years. The man is 36 and I am two years younger. I have my own place, some savings, a favorite job.

He lives with his parents, has a few c*dits, which he still cannot close. No stable income, now he works as a cab driver or a delivery boy.

He proposed to me in the first year of our relationship and told me how much he loved me and always dreamed of someone like me. The feelings were mutual and I got the creeps that this was my man. We agreed that we will save up for the wedding and that he will work more to solve his f*nancial problems.

I'll tell you right away that creating a family with those conditions was not possible - all of his salary went to the payments on the c*dits, also his mother helped, and to support a grown man is strange.

Now I look back with horror and realize that all these years the man lied to me, created the appearance of solving problems - but in fact he did nothing, kr*dits not closed, the mortgage as promised did not take.

To be more precise, he probably did not lie, but naively believed that all his problems would be solved by themselves without much effort. He changed jobs, but by the end of the day things were only getting worse, he didn't stay anywhere and he didn't try to study to get a foothold in his job.

I took a break, I thought he would start hustling, looking for options. But he also continues to do nothing, i.e. in words I love you, I want to be with you, but in actions zero, a sisyphean job.

So now the weekend is coming, and instead of looking for additional sources of income/underwork/learning a new profession, he will relax with friends because he can not refuse them.

I am totally desperate. I believed, supported, loved, wanted a family, and it means he does not need it all, he just cheated me! Please support me, I do not know what to do now?