Yesterday I went on a date with a man from the Internet. Before that, we communicated a lot on telegram, I liked him in communication. He invited me to "let's go out", met me for a little walk, and then he suggested that we go out for dinner.

I went for a business trip in the afternoon, I was tired and wanted to eat, so I ordered a normal meal in a restaurant, and took some shashlik and wine. The man took a mug of beer. We sat and chatted normally.

When I ordered a second glass of wine, it was obvious that he was tense. Next, I ordered grilled vegetables and the man started fussing and looking at his watch.

He said he had somewhere else to be in the evening. Okay, he asked for the bill, came out 700 of his beer and my meal 1900. He looked and waited for me to pay. I took out my wallet and put 2000 on the table. He pulled out 700. We left the restaurant and he wanted to walk me to the subway, but I said I would take a cab. I thanked him for a pleasant evening.

Then, before I even crossed the threshold of the house, he texted me a bunch of messages saying that he liked me, let's go somewhere else, and how charming and delightful I was. I am shocked. Why don't men understand these subtleties? Give him a second chance?