I have been dating a man for a few months and when we go out for a walk (in the park or around town) he sometimes wants to go to the toilet, looks for a corner and does his business.

I don't understand this, I never go to the toilet in the street, if I have to, I can find a public toilet or go to a cafe (but this has never happened), I do everything before leaving the house and I won't drink 3 litres of liquid during a walk so I don't have a urge.

He didn't drink much either. Although we did go to a cafe before the walk, we could have done there.

But no, you have to be in the park behind a tree or in a yard somewhere behind a garage. It's a bit of a bullish habit for me.

And if it were true that a man is impatient or sick, ashamed, but he has to piss behind a tree, but this man's behaviour is the norm. He wants to, he goes where he has to.

And this is not a one-off, but on almost every walk we take. How do you deal with that?