I've been dating a man from SZ for almost two weeks now. We've been on six dates. We go out to dinner all the time.

He's given me flowers four times and paid for a taxi every time. That's the end of his courtship.

I like him a lot, there's a spark and passion. He invited me home but I have so far refused.

Can I consider this courtship worthy of moving on to the next stage - to s*x? After all, dinner with a beautiful lady is more of a treat for him than for me.

No d*cking was done. After the invitation to visit, I hinted that he wasn't really courting or pleasing me in any way. I thought he'd be ripe for a come-uppance.

But he got me a certificate for a spa package for two. Honestly, I'm a little shocked by that gift. I don't think it's appropriate because you have to walk around half-naked during all those massages.

It's more of a treat for him than for me, isn't it? I think it's only appropriate after intimacy, and we haven't even kissed yet.

We're 40+. How do I get him to start f*cking around?