We have been living together for 3.5 years, when we met I was 23, he was 27, we started living together almost immediately. During this time my life has changed abruptly: I finished my studies, found a good job with high salary, my parents helped me to buy an apartment, at their own expense I did all the redecoration, fitted out my flat.

I am now 27 and he is 31. The only thing that changed was that he got a bit more money, he doesn't have his own place, we live at my place.

Naturally, we don't have a joint budget, he pays the rent and sometimes buys groceries, I usually eat in restaurants separately or order ready-made meals.

Of course he does not do the housework, he is a man, the cleaning lady comes to clean it.

We went on vacation a couple of times, I paid for them and he gave me money back afterwards, for as little as he could.

⠀ When he was doing the repairs, he said right away that he would not help with money, only with his hands, but he would help me furnish the place.

In the end I did all the furnishing, and for two years I never gave him anything, because I did it all for myself and he did not need anything in general.

On the one hand I feel sorry for him, but on the other hand I wonder if I should build a relationship with him or break up with him.