I met him three years ago and it was clear from the first meeting that it was love. For the first week we didn't even have any communication other than "hello-bye".

Then, after thinking it over, I started talking to him more and more and it came to s*x.

A bit later, after some time, I found out that he liked me, but he had a family - a wife and 2 children (2 years and 5 years old).

We had a serious talk for 2 hours that night and agreed that we would keep in touch and if everything was OK, he would break up with her and be with me. Time passed, he latched on to me and dumped her.

Moved into my flat, lays on the couch, only eats and watches TV. Started the divorce proceedings, will be kicking back child support. I look at all this and realize that I don't need him like this.

So here's the question. How do I send him back to the family? Do I give him a gentle hint that it's time, or do I tell him straight out?