My man has a small salary. It's not very small in our city, but if you consider the fact that he sends part of it to his mother and pays the loan, it doesn't leave much to live on.

We live in my apartment, I don't even ask him for money for the rent, but starting from the middle of the month he constantly asks me for money for gas, for the car wash, for groceries, he takes my card.

We've been together for four years and it's been like this all the time. ⠀ It's been like this for four years now, and it's been like this for the whole time.

Relatives say hang on to the man, he's decent, he does not cheat, helps around the house, but I can not relax, I do not feel safe with him.

And, for a moment, he wants to have more children. So when we have kids, what are we going to live on? On my allowance? That's how it is...