I recently had a women's surgery, the baby is one year old, my mother-in-law volunteered to help me from out of town after the surgery!

I was very grateful to her, I thought she was treating me well. That would be okay, but my husband has a wife and child with whom we have a bad relationship. She lives in our town. It seemed to me that she found a loophole in our family through my mother-in-law.

When she came to help me, my mother-in-law was calmly making phone calls with BJ in front of me, she was talking in her voice, she was holding out her hand with her phone for all to see when she was texting with her. And so all day long.

One day she decided to see her, like, her grandson was there (although we offered to take the grandson on a sleepover without BW). I helped her pick out a gift for her grandson, gave her my warm clothes to wear to the meeting.

But when my mother-in-law came back, she was crying and very cold to me. The next day, from the very morning, the communication with BJ started again. I could not stand it, took the child and left to a friend, my husband came with me. She was not told anything.

⠨ At my friend's place we had a drink and when we came back in the evening, my mother-in-law called me to talk. I cried and told her I didn't understand why my mother-in-law was always hanging out with my wife-in-law, who was putting things in our way. In the summer, by the way, my mother-in-law took her to the sea, and then hung a magnet on the fridge, where they are in an embrace. In general, after listening to me, mother-in-law poured all the rot she had accumulated on me, said that she purposely spite me and will communicate with BZ, take her to the sea, etc. Called me an inadequate hysteric on tranquilizers (which I have never taken in my life), that I was sick and complaining about my health and everything in that vein. Affected my parents.

⠀ In spite of that I hugged her to make up with her, but she pushed me away and repeated everything that she thought about me.

I said, if that's the case, then get your shit together and fuck off to BW's f**ing place. I don't need snakes like that in my house. In the morning my husband's friend took her to the airport (she didn't want to go to live with BZ) and after that we started getting texts from BZ saying that we were sht, kicked her mother-in-law out and my husband would never see the baby.