I found myself in this situation yesterday. I've never met anyone in real life before...

The man is 31. I'm 25. Asked me out for a long time, but I finally agreed.

The date was yesterday. He is after work, I do not work. I dressed up nicely, even went for makeup.

⠀ The evening went fine. He ordered himself some meat on the stalk, potatoes, salad, and drank wine. Then coffee and cake. When we ordered, he didn't say anything, he told me his order and then I told him mine.

I ordered salmon steak and shrimp salad to go with it. I also had wine. Then dessert fondant.

Anyway, I got 5,000, he got 4,000. So he invited me to this restaurant...

When it came to paying, he put the money in and handed me the bill. I'm shocked. I only had 2t with me.

I threw the money in there and told him to add more, please. He made a sour face, but he added it. I saw he had about 10 more in his wallet.

I felt like I was covered in mud. All the good feeling of the evening was gone. I didn't have money for a cab, so I would have left right away.

⠀ Anyway, he dropped me off and wanted to come over! I told him my parents were home.
He said he would call me!