I'm 21, my boyfriend is 29.

We have been dating for about a year. From the beginning there was a good, friendly relationship with his mom.

After a while I realized that I was terribly uncomfortable with her. The constant guardianship of my boyfriend, the control over his affairs and our relationship, it was all terribly annoying.

So I started to reduce all communication to minimal signs of politeness, and the change was in my boyfriend, he finally started to think about moving out of his parents' house, actively started to develop as a person, to run his own business.

Everything was going well until his mom started inviting his ex-girlfriend to sleepovers. This lady, in turn, repeatedly tried to get the guy into bed, which my mother witnessed. I turned a blind eye to this, and now we are expecting a family celebration-the boyfriend's mom's anniversary. And of course she invited his ex-girlfriend.

I understand that she's an adult and has every right to communicate with whomever she sees fit. But I'm really worried and I'm unwittingly taking it out on the guy.