A friend met a guy in Tinder. Photo, description, dialogue - everything is ok. We set up our first meeting.

She was under the impression of his pressure and initiative, winged, soars out of the house, sits in the car... And she realizes.

First - his appearance does not exactly match the profile picture (a feeling that in the photo he was younger and up to certain circumstances). And ! - He has no right arm, the consequences of a serious accident (in his words).

And all evening communication was shaped as if he had already chosen the role of her man, took her into a turn. He was interested in all of her plans, making plans together.

How to be? Outwardly the man did not hook her, he kept silent about this nuance (the lack of hands), and still "press" her excessive tutelage - constantly asks to write where she is and with whom.

She understands that this is not her person, she is not comfortable, but how to refuse without offending? Get out in a frank conversation or just stop answering?

Should he have warned her in the dialogue in advance that there is such a problem, to prepare her morally?