We met two and a half years ago. Our relationship was a blend of friendship and physical intimacy, underpinned by mutual affection. He was deeply attached to me, often expressing how much he missed me when we were apart.

A year ago, out of the blue, he ended our relationship. He claimed to be overwhelmed by a newfound love but refused to provide any details.

Eventually, I discovered that this supposed grand love was his extremely wealthy boss, a woman with children, who is on a Forbes-level. It's clear why he was drawn to her. He had always disparaged her type, especially her appearance. Ironically, she turned out to be exactly the type he supposedly despised, and suddenly, he was head over heels in love with her.

At 39, he still lives with his mother. He's overly confident, a narcissist, and spoiled by women. He believes that people owe him just for being in his presence.

His personality is difficult. He's sensitive, punishes with silent treatment, and often spoke about how I was the only one who accepted him as he was. Yet, a year ago, he left me for a more glamorous life, all the while insisting he was in love. I understood everything, was shocked and devastated, but I managed to move on.

Two days ago, I learned from mutual acquaintances that this woman had dumped him. I don't know the reasons, but I gathered that she was the one who ended things. Although he appears to be cheerful, socializing with friends, I can see the pain in his eyes and notice that he's losing weight.

Now, he's trying to reconnect with me. I haven't responded, but the memories are haunting. On one hand, I want to hurt him as he did to me. On the other, old feelings have resurfaced.

Is there a way to truly affect him?