Living together before marriage is often seen as a practical test for couples, a way to gauge compatibility and lay a foundation for a shared future. However, for some young couples, like the one in this story, cohabitation can also become a battleground of expectations, financial responsibilities, and endless disputes.

At the tender age of 20, a young man decided to propose to his girlfriend, stepping towards a future they hoped would be shared. They moved in together, renting a place to start their new life. But almost immediately, the romantic ideal was marred by mundane realities. Household chores became a constant source of contention. He found himself responsible for daily tasks like dishwashing and general cleaning, while his partner, who cooked and cleaned only once a week, frequently criticized his efforts as inadequate.

This dynamic soon spilled over into their wedding plans. Traditionally, parents might contribute to their children's wedding expenses, but this couple faced a unique challenge. The girlfriend opposed the idea of parental involvement in funding the wedding, insisting that he should bear the financial burden alone. Already fully supporting both of them—from rent and food to car repairs and leisure activities—he felt this was unfair, especially since she spent her modest salary on personal expenses.

The financial strain was further compounded by their respective incomes. Working a 6-day week in retail, he was building valuable connections and experience, aiming to progress within his industry. In contrast, she considered jobs that paid slightly more but involved less potential for long-term career advancement.

Amidst ongoing disputes and under the weight of financial and emotional pressures, both families eventually agreed to postpone the wedding. This decision, while practical, didn't quell the turmoil. Daily life became a series of arguments about his perceived lack of commitment to the wedding, adding to his doubts about his achievements and his place in life at 20.

The young man's story opens up broader questions about the expectations placed on young couples today. How should financial responsibilities be shared? What role do traditional expectations play in modern relationships? Is it fair to expect one partner to shoulder the financial load? These are the queries he now poses, particularly interested in hearing the perspectives of other women on these challenges.

Navigating a relationship in one's early twenties is no small feat. It involves balancing personal development with the complexities of partnership. This young couple's experience highlights the difficulties of managing love, life's responsibilities, and the pursuit of personal ambitions, all while trying to fulfill societal expectations and personal dreams.