The narrative of an unanticipated love affair, despite a longstanding marriage, can unravel the complexities of human relationships. I've been married for 20 years, together with my spouse for 22, blessed with two children aged 10 and 15. Yet, about three to four years ago, the dynamic of my relationship with my husband began to shift. He seemed to lose interest in me, and over time, we even ceased to be friends. Communication dwindled to near non-existence, except when he felt the need to reprimand.

Holding a high-ranking position with a substantial income, I could afford to live independently. However, my children's deep attachment to their father and the legal implications of a divorce that typically results in a 50/50 custody arrangement discouraged me from taking that route. The ideal scenario for my children’s upbringing seemed to necessitate my staying in the marriage.

Last summer, an unexpected encounter turned my life upside down. I reconnected with someone I briefly dated 30 years ago. Despite the decades and the distance—he lives 5000 kilometers away—we had remained in touch sporadically. The meeting occurred in the presence of my husband and children, yet I found myself irresistibly drawn to him, sensing mutual feelings.

Following that evening, our interaction revived with a simple message from him, expressing his pleasure in our reencounter. What started as lethargic exchanges blossomed around my birthday when his heartfelt messages sparked a surge of communication. For three months, we engaged in daily chats and video calls when possible, only to be intensified by a work assignment that sent me to his city. That visit marked the beginning of a physical relationship, profoundly passionate and unlike any I had ever experienced.

Over the next few months, our secret liaisons continued during my business trips, which I strategically arranged to maximize our time together. He took leave from work or opted to work from home to spend time with me. When in his city, we were cautious, rarely displaying affection in public, though occasionally he couldn't resist but to kiss me.

A significant turn came when he decided to gift himself a two-week European tour for his 50th birthday. His wife suggested joining him, but he declined. I managed to join him in three countries, including my own, thanks to my frequent business trips. In Europe, away from familiar eyes, we indulged in our relationship more openly, sharing kisses, embraces, and acting as a couple for the nights we were together.

This unfolding affair has complicated my emotional landscape, tangled in a web of marital commitment and a clandestine romance that offers an escape from the numbing disconnect of my marriage. The journey is fraught with moral dilemmas and profound reflections on love, loyalty, and personal happiness.