I live with a young man (I am 27, he is 29), we were planning a baby. For the first two months I couldn't get pregnant.

He started convincing me to go to the doctor and start treatment for infertility. I knew there was nothing wrong with me as a woman. But, he thought I was infertile. Nevertheless, we were using contraception (if I wanted it).

Then he purposely poked at me with the certainty that it wasn't going to happen. Of course I got pregnant. Told me he was very happy that he loved me and was getting married and that he really wanted this baby.

Now I am 17 weeks pregnant. Earlier I took out a big loan on myself and we bought him a car. He quit his job and has been out of work for four months now. I work three shifts.

I don't have enough money to pay the rent, the mortgage, and other expenses. In addition, he wrecked the car, ours and someone else's, gave it to repair without my knowledge, it is expensive as, to pay, I got into debt again.

⠀ He is not in a great hurry to find a job, the conditions are bad in one place, they do not take me to another, and so on. Relationships have deteriorated. He rarely stayed out all night or came home early in the morning.

⠀ My nerves are going out of whack. I don't know what to do. I have nowhere to go as I have no parents, a private house is not suitable for residence.

Thought we could pull together. We will get out of debt, even if we have to live from penny to penny.

We had a fight the other day. He kicked me out to rent an apartment, and I had all the debts and the credit. He confessed that he had been putting up with me for the past five months because I was infertile and he wanted to leave me before I got pregnant.

That he regrets that I am carrying his baby. Now he wishes me and the future baby would die. That the baby will die or not be born. I feel very bad about all of this. I do not know what to do.