I hesitate in front of a shelf in a supermarket. I am looking for something? - Yes, my wife sent me the list on my messenger..." I answer and realize that I am making a mistake, because with the words "Let me see" the compassionate employee takes the phone from my sluggish hands. And reads the list in it from my wife, and smiles wider and wider, and then says "well come on, I'll help you." And it is only at that moment that you realize what you, an intellectual, writer, polymath, and PhD, are worth on this earth.

  1. Egg "Okskoe". "Okskoe", not that beautiful one in transparent.
  2. Chicken thigh. Thigh, not shin. I understand that you don't like to look at raw meat, but at least read the price tags.
  3. Romano salad. Ask any of the adults there.
  4. You can't have chips, you'll get heartburn again.
  5. John's sweet tooth is a granola bar, not a Prague cake, which no one eats but you.
  6. If they push a product on sale, don't take it. You can do it. I believe in you.