V. says that on the train on the way to the airport she was hit on by a very nice, but not at all interesting, young man. At the entrance to the airport they said goodbye, but after a few minutes he found her in the check-in line: he went and bought a plush doggie and brought it to her. We had to give up the doggie. Another 10 minutes later the young man came again: he exchanged the dog for a cow. I had to give up the goat as well. V. was already on her way to the passport control when the young man found her again. He had a nice little old lady with him. The young man asked V. not to think anything of it, he's not crazy, he just came to meet her mother, here's mom, he wanted to introduce mom to the girl he liked so much, and to offer the girl a goodbye bar of "Mars". The stunned V. had to refuse the old lady as well, and the young man put the "Mars" bar right in her pocket, and then he said goodbye and went to the exit. His sweet mother paused for a second, took V. under her elbow and said affectionately: "Don't you dare try to hang yourself on my boy. Goodbye, have a nice day, it was very nice meeting you. All in all, V. believes that it was one of the most successful relationships in her life: acquaintance, courtship, common household, divorce, alimony, crazy former mother-in-law, - twenty minutes and everything is behind her; it should always be like that.