Girls, hello everyone!

We need the collective help of a woman's mind - on the subject of communication with an Italian man.

I am 27 years old. Married for 6 years, no children. Both work. My husband is 30. I have a network of flower shops and a couple of tobacco shops, I have enough money, but we do not luxuriate.

The last 2 years with my husband in a quiet relationship, we often quarrel than talk normally. Both with each other's permission even went to dating sites.

I do not get along with men, or rather how. With teenagers and those of the same age, everything is ok, but they are small and go through everything that I have already gone through.

And those who are older, I get the feeling that I'm no longer in demand, as if I was driven over a man after 30. They are greasy, wrinkled, hobbies 0, aspirations 0, it's not enough to have sex with them, it's disgusting to be around them and they are all greasy as one.

So I gave it all up and started working on myself. I decided to learn Italian and went on forums to reinforce my practice. I met a man there, at first we just corresponded on the form, then in wa, all communication was friendly and cultural exchange.

His name is Pablo, 50 years old. Lives in Milan, married for 16 years, 3 children. He works as a line manager in one of the banks. According to communication is a very funny and interesting man. We have a bunch of interests in common with him and chatted about for a couple of months - literature, mosaics, tennis, etc.

Outwardly, you can see that he is not a boy, but he is very, very well-groomed and fit and takes care of himself. He is 50 and looks better than my classmates! Now to the point.

After a couple of months of communication we got to a stage of virtual s*x, began to call each other - to masturbate in front of the camera, to exchange photos and videos.

At the moment we are communicating so for 10 months and our communication looks like this - from morning till night we are talking - 24 till 7 (I don't know where he gets the time for his family only).

Calls to come over. And I do not know whether it is worth it? I understand that the man wants s*x, and I myself want it. But then what?