Good afternoon. The situation is as follows: the relationship of 1 year, we often argue, recently disappeared s*x, and recently during a small clarification of the relationship my boyfriend said that I sometimes very much annoy him.

He said this after I spent the whole evening cooking him dinner, cleaning the apartment, and he sat on the phone and complained about how hard his life was, I put up with it all night, but at the end I asked him to reduce these complaints and be a man after all.

You may think that he probably has a lot of problems, etc., but no, he does not have any problems, just the usual everyday difficulties a la little money or the car broke down.

He complains all day long. After I said that, he changed his face and very angrily blurted out: "you annoy me so much sometimes!!!"

I became very hurt and offended. How can a man say how much he loves me and then say words like that?!

By the way when I was sick and asked him to be understanding, he was also figuring things out with me, not paying attention to my words that I shouldn't be nervous and I really get worse when he yells, I was after the hospital!

But he didn't stop and continued to scandalize, seeing that I was already all in tears and in pain. And now he is not happy how is it so I do not support his whining!?

Maybe we need to end this relationship? Or maybe he found someone else? What do you think?