Hello. Here's the situation. I am 26 years old, yesterday was my birthday.

My young man also has a birthday next to mine. He asked me what I would like to get for my birthday?

At first I told him to pick a sub*rock at his discretion. After a while he asked again, I already said I would like perfume and what kind, he knows.

I thought that was the end of it. And then yesterday he brings me a frying pan for my birthday.

Honestly, I was shocked. I explained my position to him and honestly told him that a frying pan on my birthday is not the best gift for me personally. He started saying that it's healthy and stuff like that. It started to make me angry and eventually a fight ensued.

And in a way, the idea of that kind of trick insulted me. Do you think it's normal to give a girl a frying pan for her birthday?

I'm left with a residue from our fight, maybe I was wrong to be so harsh.