I'm 23 years old. Been dating a guy for two years, and in all those two years we haven't had a cupcake.

I was brought up with the old rules, I believe the first cupcake should be on the first wedding night.

The guy agreed with me, and agreed to be patient until the wedding. I finally gave in and we had a great night.

So, I thought, here it is happiness, everything is good. But, a few days later, I started to have problems "in a female way". MF said nothing, went to the gynaecologist. The doctor sent to the analyses. The results came back! I have syphilis.

Told a friend, she didn't say anything.

Yesterday she rang me, said it was all my fault and that I gave her syphilis. Talked to her boyfriend, and it's his fault. He slept with her while he was seeing me. It's gonna cost about $1,000 to treat her. I don't have that kind of money. What should I do?