Good afternoon, I would like to ask you, to assess the situation and ask for advice, how would you act in this situation.

We have been dating for a little over a year, during this time we have been through a lot of things, starting with daily quarrels, ending with the loss of a job, loss of means of living, loss of relatives and many, many more fascinating things.

Since February he lost a well-paying job he had been working at for almost two years, I took it in stride and like any loving person supported him, starting morally and ending with d*people (and did so for very little reason).

So flew almost six months and only in August he got a full-time job with a stable salary.

I think it is not difficult to guess that for all these six months paid for everything exclusively me, while helping him with utility bills and some such household things (if that we live separately)

And now everything seems to be good, nothing foreboded trouble, he has a good salary, but his family has a sharp debt for the apartment and 2 days ago he asked me to borrow him 120 thousand, returning to me allegedly every month on 30-40 thousand.

I love him, but I understand that this can not continue, during this relationship I began to feel more like a mother than a girl, but on the other hand my naive nature tells me that there is nothing wrong with it and if I had a similar situation, he would help me.

Girls, what do you think, is it correct for a guy to ask his girlfriend for a loan or can he find the money himself?