I've been dating a guy for six months. He's been with a lot of girls before me. I've been in many relationships before him and I think that's normal.

I have no claims to him, what was before me, the main thing is what's with me now.

He's very jealous even of my exes I haven't spoken to in years and he's jealous of those I slept with long before him.

He's started getting agsy lately. Asks me questions about exes, how many there were, and what I did or didn't do to them. He specifically asks questions that provoke him and by doing so he calls me a bitch and a prosttutka for sleeping with guys without a relationship, which disgusts him.

Although I have said many times that if he is not satisfied with something in me, it is better to break up, but he does not want to, says that he loves me, but at the same time he calls me by such words.

I am so sorry to hear that. I answered that he had been with many girls before me and he did not mention that. But he answers that I am a man, I am allowed, and a girl is automatically a c*ka.

I do not know how to fight this. Is this love?