Hi all! My boyfriend proposed, we live in a rented house now, we've been together for 5 years.

I have a house left by my grandfather, we decided to sell the house, my parents decided to give the money from the house to me in full.

I thought to spend it on: a part of the amount for the monument to my grandfather, a part for my parents to repair the flat, the main part for the first payment on the mortgage for me and my boyfriend, also I offered to buy another car for my boyfriend with this money, for 300 thousand at least. Now I regretted it myself.

I don't have a driving licence and I'm not going to study, I wanted a car just for convenience, for my boyfriend to drive me around. But I offered to register it in my dad's or in mine, as it was bought with my money and I don't want to be left with a naked ass in case of something.

Such an option did not suit him, he was mad that I will service the car, and I will not even be the owner. Next, I thought, since I give a full payment for the first payment in the TOTAL flat, then I say let's pay the mortgage yourself for the first 2 years.

So he says to me: What if I don't have enough to pay it, can't you help me? I said to him: How are you going to support your family if I have a baby, if you don't even know how to pay the mortgage? And why should I have to pay, if I'll give you money for the car and the down payment on the flat.

Anyway, I'd like your opinion. My opinion is that he's got a nerve, he's got everything ready to go, and he's turning his nose up at me. Without that money he'd have been saving up for all this for years. What do you think, what should I do with it?