My husband and I have lived together for 14 years, our family is exemplary, we have everything we need for a happy and free life, and we have a beloved daughter.

A year ago, my husband started driving his subordinate to work. I felt the first bells ringing at that time, and my heart began to rest.

They were calling each other, she was even texting him late at night to pick her up. Then he started staying late at work, sleeping badly, hiding his phone, s**t disappeared. Well, the classic signs of cheating began.

My husband even went away to live with us for the first time in years. But I've never been able to catch him with her, he's a good conspirator.

She's married, has kids. Eight years younger than him. But apparently she's got a hold of mine - he's her boss, he's got money, he's got everything, and he's probably made promises.

All the year I want to tell her husband about my suspicions, but at the last moment I pull myself back.

She has frayed my nerves well, in fact she almost ruined our family and there is no telling what will happen next. She is putting her family on social media and her husband is probably not even aware of the affair.

How do I teach her a lesson? And should I tell her husband about the suspicions, won't it make things worse?