Girls, help me with advice.
Here is the situation. There is a girl. Twenty-five years old. Met a man. 33 years old. Courtship, relationship, everything is like a fairy tale. She falls in love. Six months into the relationship, the wedding.

Happy family. Almost a year together. The husband is good, everyone likes him, the girl is happy with him. He lets her not work. She works part-time, because she is not used to sitting idle. And he makes a good living, and gives her everything she wants. She's got everything. She still does everything around the house like she's supposed to. Trying to make him feel good, being a good and grateful girl. A faithful and loving wife.

Except the husband is prone to abuse the woman. He likes to humiliate, dominate, coerce, raise his hand, and be aggressive. So that the wife is obedient and does everything he says and doesn't cross him.

He has sex with her at any time. Even though she's already disgusted. He doesn't ask. No caressing, no preparation. He just walks up, bends her over and does it. You start to resist, he uses force and does it anyway.

He likes to drag her by the hair, and force us orally to fuck her. Even if she's crying, panting, asking him to stop. He still pokes her, and ends up on top of her.

He can just take her, take her into the bedroom anytime he wants. Do the deed and go on about his business. He can tie her up. And beat her while he's having sex. He can wake her up in the morning and make her have sex. She's already crying. He doesn't care.

And then he's so nice and caring and generous. Everything's good with them. And this girl doesn't know what to do anymore. Her happy life is falling apart...

How can she change things for the better? She's already starting to drink to numb the resentment and pain.