I made an informed and logical decision in my life, but I came across the inadequate reaction of those closest to me.

Being in a stable relationship with the man I love and accidentally getting pregnant, I had an abt.

Told him, my family and two close friends about it and became a cynical monster in their eyes, though in the end I am absolutely right.

I told my man, "I earn 𝟭𝟬𝟬, you - as much. You have no prospect of promotion, and neither do I. How will I be able to maintain my usual standard of living, to which I am accustomed, if I lose my salary for a couple of years and acquire an extra huge item of expenditure?"

He had no counterarguments other than "Well, somehow people live!", abt I did.

─ I lost a man, apparently he can't forgive me. My girlfriends were not supportive either, although they had their own children only when they were firmly on their feet. My mother wouldn't speak to me, because she said that I was not her daughter.

In their eyes I had to doom myself to poverty, but "not to take the sin on my soul". It's very hard for me, there's condemnation on all sides. I'm already confused, did I do the right thing or not?