A feeling of resentment does not leave us. We have been living for ten years, two preschool children.

I never checked on my spouse (I trusted him). All my work was focused on my family, my children, my well-being. It seemed to me that now I could push myself a little bit and everything would be fine. We do not live rich, we both work.

In an instant, everything fell apart. I had to make an urgent phone call, so I grabbed my husband's phone and saw a message from a young lady.

⠀ As it turned out, he met her at work, got hooked, started texting her. She knew he had two children and wanted to continue. We talked and it turned out that he lacked attention.

I work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sometimes I work at home too. The two kids are on me (kindergarten, clubs, doctors, etc.). The house is on me: cleaning, laundry, meals. Finances are also on me: all payments, housing, taxes, schools, clubs, sections. And he just works. The work is not dusty, he is free to move around during the day, he can finish work at lunchtime and come home to sleep, eat, do his business. I, on the other hand, don't even have enough time to sleep.

I swore it would never happen again. That all I needed was a family. But I don't need that kind of family now. I can't trust the man, I can't go on building a future with him. I do not have the zeal that I had before. What to do? I don't know... There's an emptiness inside.