I met a guy at the beginning of December. I liked him visually, by his communication and by the fact that he did some nice things, like gave me flowers, gave me a beautiful gold pendant on a chain for the New Year, when I was sick every day he came to the entrance hall just for 5 minutes and brought me fruit and berries, and in the end he wrapped 5000 candies.

Before that, he said he worked for some company as a chief specialist.

But on Sunday, he admitted that he was a delivery boy. He used to work as he said but had been unable to find a proper job for a year due to lack of higher education and now he was a courier.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mercenary and I don't choose by the purse, but I do pay attention to some things naturally.

Considering the fact that at 33 he lives with his parents and works as a courier, we should hardly expect anything more from him, should we?

Although he says he works almost every day and makes at least 100,000 a month. Is it possible to build a family with him? I am 29, have my own flat, a car and a good job. What to do?