I've become so weary of the chaos swirling through my life! Feeling isolated with my turmoil, I turn to writing as my outlet.

The unraveling began when I stumbled upon a text on my partner's phone from his ex, casually mentioning the end of her menstrual cycle. Driven by a surge of suspicion, I delved deeper into his phone, tracking his locations, only to discover frequent visits to his ex's address. These visits started from the early days of our relationship and continued to the present. Detailed call records confirmed their ongoing communication. We've been living together for two years, sharing dreams of love, marriage, and family, all while he assured me of his past being just that—past.

Despite his professions of love and future plans, his actions betrayed his words. I confronted him, seeking a resolution that would allow us to mend our relationship. I asked him to call his ex in my presence and end things once and for all. He refused.

His denial persisted, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. He pleaded with me not to expose him, revealing a long history with his ex, including a nearly decade-long relationship and a terminated pregnancy. Despite this, he claimed there was nothing between them.

Our confrontation led to a temporary separation, but he soon reached out, claiming he couldn't live without me. He promised to meet my conditions for reconciliation, yet failed to follow through. Even during our brief periods of making up, I discovered he visited her again when we were apart.

It feels as though his ex is either unaware of me or audaciously indifferent. I'm torn between reaching out to her to assert our relationship's seriousness or finding a way to detach him from her influence. Despite the turmoil, my love for him holds me back, leaving me feeling trapped in a cycle of love and betrayal, unsure of how to proceed without him.