Started a relationship with a man, he is an adult(38 years old), he wooed me beautifully for about a month, in general I really started to like him more and more every day.

⠀ Well, of course he wanted to develop his relationship and then when the intimacy happened, it lasted for literally 5 seconds, no more.

⠀ He began to justify himself and say that this is the first time with him, he really likes me, etc. ⠀ He started making excuses, saying that it was the first time he had ever done this before.

I believed him, but the subsequent times were also 5 to 10 seconds. He did not even try to justify himself the next times, as if he had to.

I didn't even have time to understand what was going on. I had been in a relationship before him, and of course there was no such thing, I had never encountered anything like that before.

I do not understand whether it is a peculiarity or not.

⠀ Well, as I understood from his actions, he is quite satisfied with everything.

I like him, he treats me very well in other ways, so what to do, I am at a loss. What should I do? Do I dump him, or is there a way to fix this?