I have two daughters, 30 and 28 years old.
The youngest one is normal, she graduated, married a doctor, had a daughter, then a son, doesn't want any more children, had an IUD.

And the older one, she got married when she was 19. She is pregnant with her sixth child and the other day she announced with a smile.

And we don't even know how to react. My son-in-law earns average, very average, if he had one or two children and a working daughter, they would live normally, but eight people on the same salary.

They live with their mother-in-law, or rather mother-in-law they evicted from the main house (70 meters) to a temporary house (a small house, as a barn).

Mother-in-law's entire pension and salary in the stores to feed them. We, too, every week in the supermarket for 3-4 thousand, take them groceries.

He's always missing one or the other, asking for money. Sometimes it's horrible. We spend about 30,000 on them every month. I'm sick of it.

How many more will she give birth to if she's still 20 years of childbearing age? She'll give birth to 10 more easily.

She's planning for "as many as she can get." I can't understand her motivation for having so many babies. But she is flattered when her acquaintances admire her, she does not understand what they said and said, "Good for you, and they don't care, but she has to feed the children.

When she got married, she couldn't get pregnant for two years and she felt so important.

⠨ My husband and I are thinking about stopping the help, because we don't live by ourselves, and the help is detrimental, my daughter is giving birth and giving birth. It is like a bottomless pit. Yes, and the younger children would like to make gifts. But then the family of the eldest would be on the brink of poverty.

I just don't know what to do.
A friend of mine says, "well, your granddaughters are there." And we don't treat them as grandchildren at all, we treat them as a burden, and I get upset rather than happy when my daughter talks about another pregnancy. What do we do with my daughter? My strength is already gone.