Hi. I have a son, a teenager, 14 years old. I gave birth to him early, at the age of 18, bring up alone, the father is there, but in education does not participate, the connection is lost.

I know that much to blame myself, but please, what to do. Here is a year, I live in a terrible state. My son got in touch with the company, leaving the house at night, while we sleep, it came to the fact that I closed the doors and hid the keys, went through the window, like survived.

Now he goes for walks in the centre, often arrives drunk, with smell, several times brought almost home. He started smoking, got caught with cigarettes, almost got registered.

He's completely lost it in his studies, but we're doing our best, the boy's smart. Always were warm, good relations, tells a lot, and now also, but only what I need to know.

If I don't let him go out for a walk, he will go out all the same, while at work, at weekends he sits at home, but not long ago he went to take out the rubbish for half an hour and disappeared, he came drunk!!!!!.

And here, he sleeps, I came to cover him, and on the phone text message popped up, the avatar of the guy and a text message "good night, sweetie", I read it and was stunned!!!!.

He writes a grown-up guy, 20 years old, ***!!! and his son confesses his love to him!!!! I'm at a complete loss as to what to do.

I can not more so, every day tears, go home do not want to, help!!!!!! What should I do with my son?