Hello! I don't know what to do in our relationship. I am 40 years old, my man and I are planning to legalize our relationship, but he is very concerned about my sex life before him.

First asking how many there were, now the nature of those relationships. I've had six partners, including one husband (8 years of marriage). All of the relationships lasted from a few months to N years.

That would have been okay, and I've generally told you in general terms, but there were two relationships that would have been better off not being - a one-time s*x with a guy at a friend's wedding and a two-year relationship with a married man.

My man constantly says it's important for him to know everything about my life, but he's very jealous. He says that if something comes up in the marriage, he will divorce me. He is constantly "dissecting" my past life.

My opinion is that the past is the past. I don't remember his life or mine. But if the man insists and says it's important to him, I know I have to talk. And I don't want to.

Girls, what would you do in this situation? Do men really need to know this?