I purposely didn't write "Do they get married?" because I'm not sure I want to marry a man of another religion. Or that I ever want to get married again.

But having travelled to Turkey and to an Arab country, I was shocked by the way men there treat children.

In many tourist places where I was with my child, local men know Russian very well and they tried to get acquainted with him, complimented my child, tried to give him something to eat and play with.

And of course, I was amazed at how they showered compliments with sparkling eyes. I had already missed such passionate men, although I had never liked oriental men before.

What is it? Are they doing this on purpose to sleep with me or can they really build a relationship with a woman who has a child?

One handsome man I'm practically in love with. There's another Turk and an Arab on social networks who offer to buy me tickets to fly me to their country.

Tell us about your experiences with these men.