I have been in a relationship with a married lover for 15 years. He's in his sixties. I'm over 35.

He never took me on vacations in the mountains, he always went alone. The last two years he started taking me with him. He rents an apartment there for a couple of weeks. And right away he marked the "boundaries": "everyone has his own program".

That is, we spend the whole day apart, he goes fishing, to different gorges, has breakfast and lunch somewhere by himself. And I sit alone in four walls.

Of course, I have to make up my own activities, but he goes out by car, and I visit places that are only within walking distance of our house. All sorts of glades, picking berries, mushrooms. But... Since we're going on vacation together, why not spend time together?

He leaves early in the morning, doesn't even eat breakfast, and in the evening he comes and sometimes takes me to the shashlik house for dinner. We come back, he takes a shower, goes to the TV, and goes to bed early.

Naturally, I clean the apartment, wash and iron his clothes, wash dishes and shoes, take his blood pressure, etc. And then it hit me: maybe he only needs me on vacation as a maid?