I like a man a lot. He says that he likes me too and that he needs me a lot, etc.

What's confusing: we do almost nothing but s*x. But we do it every day. We recently started dating, very strong chemistry. And temperamental both. I don't mind, I want to, everything is fine. He's caring at home, always makes dinner) cute.

What's disturbing: we're in a big city, the distance is decent. And I only go to him. Invited to his place. He has a million cases of excuses and some strange arguments.

And I take a cab. It's a 2k ride. A week's travel is a tenner. I mean, I'm not a poor woman, but what the hell. I can take the subway. It's an hour and a half one way, man.

I don't think this situation is fair. I also work a schedule, I have to be a cucumber at home in the morning at the workplace, and have to drag him.

I offered to work for him from home or from his office. I said yes, and one day I showed up with my laptop.

In the morning, when I had to eat breakfast and get ready for the day's work, he slept through it. Standing at the door for an hour. I got mad and left, no more offers to work from outside my house.