I live with a man, he is 37, I am 36
We were not married. I had a baby.

The man refused to register the child in his name. Became a single mother.

I turned a blind eye to his signature, but I asked him to at least put it on the birth certificate, he flatly refused. I said that I would sue him and let the court determine then. At what I was told that then he will send me, and our relationship is over.

The other day he told me that everything is pirated, like. His education is pirate, unofficial, he reads books unofficially, his job is unofficial, his relationship is also unofficial. The child is pirate, unofficial. He says it makes his life easier. It gives him more opportunities.

He lives his life underground. No government stamps or paperwork. After saying that, I felt like I was drenched in pomoya.

Is it even normal to say that, about your own woman, about a child?