I have been dating a man for a year. We spend almost all our time at my place.

Lately we quarrel a lot, he comes seldom. Yesterday he came. My daughter went to bed and freaked out, said: "There's that horrible Anton again." He turned around and left.

Today he called and said that we had to break up because I couldn't explain to my child that he shouldn't talk like that.

And I explained, but for some reason everything is still the same. The kid is a character and can say things like that to me in a psychotic state.

I love the man, but I do not know how to influence the situation. He says, "Put it in the corner for a long time, dogs are brought up, even this one will understand.

But I do not want to and do not intend to do so. I always explain to her calmly. Now he doesn't call. Does not understand that this is a child, and she has her own mindset, which I will not change by force, and if he wants a good relationship, let him give it to the child himself first.

Do you think this is the end or is there still hope to save the relationship?