My dad has a sick mum. She's 88 years old. She's bedridden. My dad spends all his time with her - feeding her, feeding her, washing her and so on. It's been like that for years.

We tried to hire a carer, but it's very expensive. I am a student - I don't work, my father barely has enough salary to make ends meet.

We wanted to put her in a nursing home and take the money for care from the rent of her flat. But she doesn't want to. She says it would be very bad for her.

But doesn't she realise that it's hard on ourselves? First of all, it's a pain in the arse. Secondly, Dad has no personal life. He's still relatively young, only 53.

He can't grow his career because he spends all his free time on her. He can't get a woman either, again for the same reasons.

How to persuade the grandmother on a nursing home? Or do we have to pull this burden ourselves?