Help. Emotional swing with the man I love. I am a lover.

He even got me a job closer to him. There was a period when he said he did not want to cheat on his wife. I let it go. He'd come back. He missed me. He'd call me when he was on vacation with the kids and his wife.

He's got a lot of work to do now. I had s*x three weeks ago, almost a month ago. At work he often leads me to different emotions, hooks me on purpose, like a boy pulls my pigtails and lets me know that I have feelings.

I get angry at him, and he growls at me. And then it's like you realize that no matter what he is, I love him. And he keeps giving me some kind of hope for "us". If only. He didn't want me, would he risk it like that? Would I have let it go. And the signs of attention? He sends them. It's like a magnet. I'm so in love.

I want to send his wife pictures of us together so she'll know about it. Then will he leave me? Do I have to do this for love?