The man got mad at the change( When we were choosing an engagement ring he kept talking about "discounts and how to buy cheaper and save money: let's buy this one, it costs nothing".

We bought the cheapest one, I agreed, as I do not consider the cost important. I love him but it really hurt that he was so economical and that I had to make him give me an engagement ring, that I was so humiliated and that he chose the cheapest one, which I said several times later)

He asked me to take my engagement ring off and he threw it on the floor with all his might and hatred. ⠀ And said, "Someone else will wear it."

⠀ Then he came back 15 minutes later and said he had overreacted and "nobody took that ring away from you," that you could put it back on.

⠀ But I said that once he took it off, I would not wear such a ring, and he threw it against the floor with all his anger, I even had the feeling that the ring would break - so hard he hit it, I even got scared.

I did not want to put it back on, they say you cannot take it off before the wedding - it's bad luck. I was so angry when I took it off, it still stands in front of my eyes.

What does it mean and is it worth continuing a relationship after that?