How would you do? We lived with my husband for 2 years, then we had a baby. A total of three years has passed.

And then his ex-girlfriend shows up and it turns out she had a baby with him!

She got pregnant when they separated, he did not want to go back to her. He didn't believe her at all! He told me they were on the verge of separation, he walked away from her, she turned a blind eye to everything!

Now my husband has changed, he loves our baby very much! And she apparently turned on the mother heroine, or maybe she was waiting for him to come back to her.

And then she apparently found out about us! And texted me that she would be filing for child support. I replied that we were ready to transfer the money to you, after the ddk, in an amicable way without a trial. To which she replied that no, pay for all the years!

Yesterday I got a letter from her that all along she has been collecting receipts for the child's expenses and is suing. But most importantly, she is not stupid, with a college degree! She understands that no one will pay her. And her husband's official salary is 20k. + her husband's mother as a dependent, and a child!!!

Why does she need all this? At first I wanted to write her that she was a total d*ck, but I got over myself and didn't write her, and I won't! On the one hand I don't feel sorry for the 4,000 she is fighting for. And on the other hand, I also want to fight for my family. She has done everything!

She made a big deal about herself and got into my family! How is she any better? She certainly gave birth with great joy, she was already 33 years old! It was, in my opinion, a chance to be a mother. She saw that he was a stalker! And most importantly she now has a man.

So I tell my husband to pay, and in my old age you will also file for child support! I want to read opinions on my situation.